Founded as a local IT Service provider in 2014...


Coeptarch Limited was initially founded in 2014  as Post Consulting Services to provide much needed IT Architecture services to companies of all sizes around Central Illinois.As the years went on, we rebranded into Coeptarch Limited. Coeptarch is the amalgamation of Coeptus (Latin for enterprise) and Architecture, to pay homage to our foundational dedication to providing the best enterprise and IT architecture across the country, moved Headquarters to Dallas, TX and opened offices in California, Texas, and Delaware.

While we initially started out with a goal of providing quality IT strategy guidance for all sizes of company, we quickly became a trusted name in the Fortune 500 realm, working with some of the biggest names in various industries. Today - we work almost exclusively providing IT design and architecture services for publicly traded companies, but we still enjoy working with organizations of any size and budget - so give us a call today!



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Dallas, TX 75234

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